Do they know it's Ragnarök ?!?

Written by: Max Hammer


Confession of a rcialist: CERTAINLY I HATE!

Too often today nationalists go into the strangest internal debates. If this is a sign of genuine desire to clarify our ideological positions on various issues, or just an exercise in academic waste of time of people too lazy or cowardly to get up and actually DO something, it's up to the reader to determine. In any case, a widespread debate these days is the question: do we love or do we hate?

The simple brain takes, as always, the easy way out about it, even gives it a thought! Either you want to be a "nice" patriot. Then you just looove your people. Or you want to be tough, tough guy (or girl) in a mysterious Nazi dress. Then you're a hating werewolf on the path of war for foreign blood. You just love to HATE! Like I see it, we are obviously motivated by both love and hate.

How at any rate, love is abstract. The object of love is, of course, our race, but not necessarily its current representatives on this planet. Rather our love for our ethnicity and what our race symbolizes. I love and take great pride the history of cultural performances, and I would gladly give my own life, if it could secure the future of our race in accordance with its heroic traditions. To the more controversial subject of hatred, but there is more to be said. What it comes to my opinion on those aliens who now are occupying our countries, I will keep it short and sweet.

They're here for the only reason, which is that "our" leaders were stupid or treacherous enough to let them in. I hate the fact that non-Europeans are here. But, I do not hate them just because they are of a different racial stock,  for which I do not feel any special affection. And when the race war really breaks out and the colour of your skin - at least theoretically - becomes your uniform, so I still don't hate them.

I simply see them as enemy troops, and what is required is that they give in and withdraw back to their areas they first came from. For the sake of our own people, I do not give a lot of affection for the perverted, degenerate arsesholes who now rule over us - however White they may be. Oh, I know what many want to say now. Ah, the Jews, the Jews! Did I forget them? Probably not! But the Jews have been doing their thing for so long as the Aryans allow them to do it.

The Jews act according to the interests of the Jews. The White Man also act according to Jewish interests. What is more admirable? NS people can not blame everything only on the Zionists, just as a regular "Svensson" can not blame all their misery on the state. The idiotic "Svensson" (Swede) goes, hypnotized by his TV, to the ballot box every four years and gives his support and confidence to exactly the same scum that for the next 4 years he slags off about. And so it goes on. For all treacherous scum and their soulless voting cattle of our race I know no one like preferably love, only 100% pure hatred! Tragically, you will find them everywhere were the Whiteys are staying - too busy spitting on their own past and making it damn clear that they have no future.

Some countries are worse than others. Germany is specially unpleasant example. The country I am going to comment on is my own, namely Sweden. Forgive me for saying this, but I honestly think that the Swedes are dinosaurs. Okay, they look better, but that is the only thing that separates them from those creatures of old.

If it were not for a miracle, their fate will be about the same as those old creatures. And they shall resurrect with Spielgelhuegelberg's super-Jr´s: "Jurassic Park part 666: The return of the Swedes".

Seriously, I ask myself over and over again how a people can be completely without all the natural instincts and emotions? How can they - hardly without debate - just give up their country and humbly and with satisfaction write their own death sentence as a people? If it's not about the eternal Zionists, then it is likely the same thing: Media. Oh yes, is it only media to blame? Why do people sound a little, but oh so neurotic of a Hebe (Bonniers) family to control their lives and eventually destroy their country? The answer is that the country's elected leaders (yes, they are chosen - if not by you - then by your relatives and their TV watching stupid neighbors!) either are too stupid or dazzled by the 30 silver coins, to understand what their exotic appearance advisers from the deep cellars of the political underground, with a whispering nasal dialect mumbles in their gullible, naive Nordic ears.

Mr. Svensson, the ordinary Swede, is just whirling from the electronic waves of his TV or is too busy with their own pathetic problems and emotionless, meaningless lives to care in one way or another, as long as there is Bingolotto and Swedish fake beer (2,8% proof) in the fridge. Alas, Wotan, how I hate these miserable excuses for Aryans. I do not care if they'd be shipped by cattle train to Siberia. They are an insult to our heroic ancestors and therefore beyond all salvation. More likely than not, is, that they come through their idiocy and tendency to interfere with everyone else's affairs, to only accelerate the decay of the rest of Europe.

There is already evidence of this: Swedish bureaucrats with their desire for strangers and queers to the corridors of Brussels. The movement then? Please spare me! All divisions and quarrels have lasted since the 1920s and has almost destroyed every patriotic, Nationalist or National Socialist Party in Sweden. But everything is not merely doom & gloom.

There is, unbelievably, still hope. You can still find evidence of strong Viking blood. Because there are some men and women who are true supporters and intelligent activists - some as leaders, others as members. You find them (or rather know their existence…) as hermits who believe in direct action and leaderless resistance. They are our last hope. They deserve your support. And they have our support! For the rest of the people I feel reminded of the tear-jerking concerts for poor Africans under the slogan: “Do they know it's Christmas Time? ”. Concerning our own traitors and ZOG-controlled zombies I want to ask: "Do they know it's Ragnarök ?!?".

- Max Hammer

Victoria Park in Bethnal Green 1970, Skins give a lost Hells' Angel a chase. Run run run runnnn! Wroooom!