Sweden under the Iron Heel: A ZIONIST POLICE STATE

Written by: Max Hammer (1998)

2021-03-31 3 min read

Sweden under the Iron Heel: A ZIONIST POLICE STATE

Even liberals are shocked as terror against nationalists reaches new dimensions!

Some time ago, the young national socialist Dan Berner was invited by a member of the Umeå University staff to give a lecture on the views of Swedish national socialism. After the lecture, ZOG replied by sentencing the speaker to one month in jail for racial hatred. The organizer of the lecture, Karolina Matti, was given a suspended prison sentence and naturally lost her job. When appealing, the verdict against Matti was upheld while Berner received an additional one month for denying the Holocaust! In Sweden, this has never been a crime, but now a vindictive ZOG-crazed jury out of ignorance or hatred has suddenly made it so! The lawlessness and lack of judicial principles and norms concerning nationalism seem to be complete and may soon leave no options but underground anti-terror resistance.

Naturally, the National Socialist opposition must protest this blatant terror of the new Swedish police state. But we are happy to notice that even some of ZOG's own are getting worried. Where will this anti-patriotic hysteria, linked to a more and more dominant secret police force lead?

The Jewish owned and staunchly liberal/zionist newspaper EXPRESSEN (Sweden's second biggest daily rag) wrote the following editorial on the 8th of December. It should be a warning signal to those in power: The limit is reached, the war on the Police State will be total unless nationalists, national socialists and revisionists are given back their right to free speech!

'LEX MATTI - Editorial Views Of Expressen

Freedom of speech has never been absolute. Expressions harming an individual, slander, or a group advocating racial hatred are forbidden by law. These limitations are necessary. Words are not harmless, they can kill. Society has to protect its citizens against racially motivated violence.

But where to draw the line is very difficult, and varies between different countries. In France it is illegal to deny the Holocaust, in Germany nazi organizations as well as swastikas and books like Mein Kampf are forbidden. Sweden has up till recently, like the USA, had a very liberal legal attitude. We have valued highly the freedom of speech. The arguments have been that free debate is a better argument against the enemies of democracy than bans and punishment. During the 90s this attitude has been tested by the openly nazi forces, and it has dramatically suffered.

Today it is forbidden to wear swastikas or sun wheels and to do the Hitler salute. And the Svea Court followed the laws of Bavaria by banning the publishing of Mein Kampf. And yesterday the Norrland Court ruled that Dan Berner was guilty of racial hatred by denying the Holocaust. The organizer, was convicted for assistance. Thereby it is practically forbidden to call yourself a nazi. It is a big change in the defence mechanisms of Swedish democracy.

This verdict may seem strong and determined, but it is rather a sign of weakness. Sweden discovered at a late point that the dark forces of Europe even exist here. It only took a few years before our courts joined the German tradition and abandoned the faith in the self-cleansing effect of free debate. This change we may regret.

The most efficient weapon against nazism is not police action, but the protests of the majority. The best argument against anti-semitic myths is reality. The denial of the Holocaust is something that needs to be conquered by truth, not be banned. The neo-nazis must receive counter-arguments, not jail sentences. The ultimate defence of democracy does not take place in court but inside every citizen.

For this battle to be possible, and it has to be possible, it is necessary that the enemies of democracy and tolerance have a chance to express themselves. If we ban their views, they disappear from the open debate and thereby democracy has lost its best defence. And what is worse: we do not trust that the democratic and humanistic values will win in the end. That we ought to do.'

So much for the editorial views of Expressen. Our view is clear. We want our rights. If we do not get them, we shall take them. And we shall crush whoever tries to deny us this right. Whatever it takes!!!

Hail Blood & Honour!

Hail Combat 18! DEATH TO ZOG!!!!

- Max Hammer

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