A Message to our People: WE NEED MENTAL CLEANSING!

Written by: Max Hammer

2021-04-17 6 min read

A Message to our People: WE NEED MENTAL CLEANSING!

The most common topic being projected in nationalist magazines is that of race - racial pride, racial purity, race war, immigration, etc. This is understandable, as the question of mass immigration of Asian and African refugees to our European homelands is definitely of immense importance. But in discussing this topic most comrades tend to forget the reasons for this immigration - what is causing it and who is guilty of it. The truth is that though they definitely are causing tremendous problems and are a threat in themselves, the immigrants are in fact merely symptoms of a deep-rooted sickness within our own societies. The poison stems from the ideologies of zion$sm, marxism and capitalism - all products of the same cosmopolitan political laboratory. It is spread through the channels of media, international pressure groups and secret societies. On this most of us will agree. The ethnic identity of the creators of the three-headed troll of cosmopolitism is also well-known to all informed nationalists. More and more frequently these eternal conspirators and enemies of any natural order will leave the cellars of their temples and arrogantly make their moves and demands in a society totally paralyzed by their immense power and unbelievable chutzpah .

When Asians and Africans come here, it is to get a "better" future, meaning higher material standard of living and an all-round easier life. One could nearly quote an old rock song: Money for nothing and chicks for free. When things don't work out well, it's mainly because real life demands hard work and, as another, but more ancient, saying goes: Birds of one feather flock together (in Scandinavia: "Children of equal kind play better together."). Asians act like people from Asia and Africans as those inhabiting the African continent (minus a few million enterprising Whites). Still the first generation of newcomers instinctively feel that they do not really belong and try to restrain their behaviour as any guest would do. Things start to get real bad when they are told that they certainly have the same (or even more) rights to our Scandinavian nations as those Nordic people who for thousands of years built our countries and formed our culture. That's when the arrogant behaviour pattern of not only invaders but permanent occupants sets in. That's when all talk of integration and gratitude stops and the demands and the ghettos start appearing. And soon, through their aggressive nature and aspirations and through their excessive breeding, the newcomers will take over and the original inhabitants will give in and withdraw to their own puny reservations. The ghettos have become the cities; the multi-culti, multi-criminal society has become the new "Scandinavia" and the Nordics a minority in their former countries. Don't think the new masters will grant us any pecial rights! The "race laws" were only meant for Whites to behave by, not for protection - no matter how small a minority we are on a global basis and we soon shall be on our very own turf.

But the immigrants act in self-interest. Their actions may not be "fair" but then nature never is. The meek and humble may get a place in the Christian heaven, but the strong and determined shall inherit the earth.

The shadowy legions of zion'$ conspirators also act in self-interest. They call themselves g0d´s chosen and they surely have chosen the juiciest bits of mother earth. In order to keep it and further expand their power, they make damn sure that their ancient enemy, that biological aristocrat called the Aryan, will not be allowed to follow a similar path and take back what is rightfully his. After thousands of years of undermining the societies of the hated Goyim, the backlash of some 80 years ago was a tremendous blow to their schemes, which they simply cannot allow to happen again. Racial pride must be an exclusively zioni$t thing. For the Whites, the Asians and the Africans multi-culti and mixed breeding are the orders of the day. In a grotesque sort of way, it is all very logical. It's not "fair" but neither is the mafia. But there is a third factor which we too often forget or try to ignore. It is, of course, always easier to blame others for one's own miseries - especially when the others obviously are guilty of both conspiring to rob and actually robbing us of our wealth, our nations and our culture. But the main guilt lies with ourselves, my fellow Whiteman! When we know that something is poisonous, we don't eat it. And when we know that something is lethal we don't bring it into our house. However, that's exactly what the Scandinavians have been doing for at least the last 70 years.

Why? Because of international Zionist-controlled brainwashing? Partly. But the grim fact remains that the Scandinavians have let themselves be seduced by the soft but utterly false tunes of the tube - be it CNN, ABC, NBC, MTV, STV or NRK. Even though most won't admit it, the lies spread through the morning papers and the tabloids leave a distinct pattern in the brains of the general population. And even when people feel or in fact know that something is wrong, like the mass-invasion of undesirables to our countries, most still don't have the guts to do something about it. Instead, they vote for the most pathetic, ridiculous and appalling creatures to lead them. These so-called "leaders" are mainly professional conmen (and women) who were either too lazy or to incompetent to do any real work for a living. They are the worst scum our nations can produce, constantly looking after no. 1 by repeating like psychotic parrots the "correct" views given to them by the media. And as for the media, I know they are owned and/or controlled by zioni$t$, but still there are plenty of so-called Aryans more than willing to spew out treacherous literary garbage day in and day out in order to keep the average Scandinavian a willing pawn in zion'$ game. The troublesome truth is that the great majority of Scandinavians have not only lost their ancient urge to explore and conquer, they have lost the will to life itself!

The ultimate and tragic fact is that the Whites in the North are themselves to blame for their dire predicament. The immigrants act according to both their traditions and interests. The zioni$t$ act as lethal parasites because that's in their nature and in their interest. Hopefully, our stupidity is not inherited though certainly our blue-eyed naivism is. That trait is both charming and pleasant when among our own kith and kin, but when confronted with an alien with completely different behaviour and opposite interests this trait is lethal to our own safety and future. Another in principle positive character trait among Nordics is the tendency towards idealism and self-sacrifice. Again, used for a positive cause it is a noble trait. But in the service of alien conspirators it can easily turn against ourselves, as it definitely has when it comes to orthodox Christianity (think of the missionaries, the puritans and their likes), communism (who but the east-Germans took this (((jo0wish))) fraud seriously?) and "democracy" (the liberal and "social" kind). Even our perfectionism and obedience to authority have been turned against us. The Scandinavians are taught to believe that multi-culturism is some sort of "challenge" and that we somehow should overcome the problems which the rest of the world's population suffer through race-mixing and multi-ethnic societies. And if for any reason we won't go along with this monstrous fraud, there are politicians to construct laws forcing you to accept the cosmopolitan new order and STASI agents and police goons to keep you in line. Who are the proper Nordics to disobey their own politicians and their own police force? On the contrary, in Sweden becoming a policeman or woman is the most popular dream of the youth!

Ethnic cleansing is one thing. The time will certainly come when we solve the problem of alien immigration - in a proper and thorough manner fitting our Nordic character and in accordance with our own interests. But in order to get there we need to deal with our own kind first. We need mental cleansing! To become the kind of revolutionary warrior that is needed for the coming struggle, we must rid ourselves of all traces of naivism, obedience and "properness" and completely deny the false values which our authorities (be it parents, school, media or society in general) have forced upon us. We must seek our ancient roots, not only for our cultural heritage but also to explore the basic and true behaviour pattern of our warring forefathers.

- Max Hammer