Psychos In Blue

Written by: Max Hammer

2021-04-22 3 min read

Once upon a time, as the fairy tales go, there was White law and patriotic order. But that was a very long time ago, indeed. And today it sounds very much like, yes, just a fairy tale. Who can respect the forces of ”law and order” in this wicked, anti-White society where the law is twisted and abused by the law-makers Masonic-Mosaic-Marxist masters, and the police are more interested in catching young patriots who hold their hands in a ”wrong” angle than catching robbers, muggers, drug-dealers, rapists and all the other products of the multi-culti hell?

The evil traitors who rule over Scandinavia cling on to power through their Zionist owned or controlled media, and they use the police force to crush all opposition that does not fit into their ever-changing net of rules and regulations. These rulers are ultimately the creatures to blame and to punish for the rapid extermination of Nordic culture and the Nordic race. But that does not mean that the tools of destruction and oppression will not be brought to White justice.

We know many people who are related to or friends of police men. We hear the same stories over and over: ”They're just doing their job – They know that the immigrants are dominating crime statistics – They are not allowed to act according to their observations” etc, etc, on and on, blah, blah. OK, so they are not blind or deaf: they do know the score. My instinctive answer to that is: What sort of people work in an environment which is totally opposed to their common sense and feeling of decency?

The police, like custom officers, are a special breed. They are needed in society, but in most countries they are shunned and scorned. In Sweden, however, it's still the dream career of too many youngsters. (Now you know where the term ”Dumb blonde” really comes from.) Abroad they think of corruption and payoffs, but I'd rather have a totally corrupt police force which source of corruption was economic bribes, than a supposedly clean force following orders and upholding ruthless regulations in absurdum because their minds are totally corrupted by a blind faith in an authority which should really be completely alien to them.

One fine day we will deal with the cowards and weaklings who let ZOG destroy our land without raising a fat finger. In the meantime we should mentally prepare ourselves for the coming onslaught of ZOG's zombies in blue. If they think it'll be an easy match, they are dangerously mistaken.

If we are not given the opportunity of sharing the democratic rights of the ZOG-sanctioned political parties; if we are driven underground, ZOG will experience a tide of resistance, causing havoc, civil unrest, violence and counter-terror. Zombies are by nature mindless and their shady string-pullers cowards. When the strings that control these ugly creatures are cut off, and their masters are confronted with the awesome power of Aryan wreath, they'll collapse like the mind-dead tools that they really are.

And as a good comrade said: ”This time there'll be no opportunity to simply change uniforms.” Instead, the people's militia will uphold the natural, Aryan law of the New Order. Then ACAB will just be a foul memory.

- Max Hammer